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Video of Kobe Bryant jumping over an Aston martin with his Nike Hyperdunk on.

information about Kobe Bryant shoes. 2008 Nike Hyperdunk.

Information about Kobe Bryant Nike Shoes

The release of the Nike Hyperdunk made a lot of noise with this now famous video of Kobe jumping over a full-speed Aston Martin car after putting his brand new Nike Hyperdunk shoes on.

Kobe Bryant Nike Shoes

April 2008: Kobe Bryant video/ad where he jumps over an Aston Martin

Kobe showcased his brand new sneakers against the Clippers but what amazed everybody was an officially released video of Kobe jumping over a full-speed Aston Martin with his Hyperdunks on.

You can watch it in slow motion:

It spread throughout the internet, with people saying his crazy, how can he put the Lakers future and his own life at risk but in a short game interview when asked if he actually jumped over the Aston Martin, he responds “Hollywood.. if Rambo can take on a whole army I can jump over an Aston Martin..."

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